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27 December, 2011
"Awww Miss Nisii....Sorry it has taken me sooo long to comment on the very special cake you made for me "Le Luxe Danette". It was SPECIAL IN SOOO MANY WAYS. IT WAS ALL, PLUS, PLUS, PLUS. GIRL I'M NOT SURE IF IT WAS THE ORGANIC BUTTER, THE SHAVED COCONUTS, THE EGGS, THE PINEAPPLES, THE PECANS, THE FLOUR, THE GLAZE, BUT ALL OF THAT PLUS THE LOVE.....THE CAKE WAS A GIGANTIC HIT WITH THE FAM. Thank You for putting up with my weird tastes, and making our Dad very HAPPY... No really, whom ever is reading this, or that knows Denise, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SUPPORT HER BUSINESS. IT'S WELL WORTH THE MONEY, YOU WON'T BE SORRY."
~ Danette Turner McDowell, Los Angeles, CA
22 December, 2011
RE: Le Luxe "CHERYL"
"My 'Le Luxe Cheryl' cake was the best I have ever tasted, there was silence in the room from everyone eating!! Awesome job Denise, Thank you again"
~ Chef Cheryl Tate, Los Angeles, CA
22 December, 2011
RE: Le Classique "ERIN"
"Denise...i have to tell you my daughter absolutely LOVED her birthday cake you made for her...she kept saying " it taste SO GOOD with the butter in it" lol...thanks again for makin baby girl happy. I look forward to the next cake!"
~ Darvell Williams, Carson, CA
21 December, 2011
RE: Le Luxe "MANDARIN {light}"

"I want to thank Denise for making one of her beautiful delicious Haute Cakes for Melah's baby shower! Super big hit. Disappeared in minutes!! lol!!"~ Maya R. Muckelroy , Westchester, CA
20 December, 2011
RE: Le Luxe "BRUCE LEE" ~AND~ Le Classique "ERIN"
~AND~ La Divinite "LEON" ~AND~ Le Luxe "CHERYL"
"Ms. Nisii, your cakes were the talk of the party AGAIN, this year. Thank you so much for delivering such a great product. This year, I set a slice aside so I was able to enjoy it later. The butter flavor is,...is....umph,umph,umph."
~ Ronnie Wayne Clark, San Pedro, CA
21 December, 2011
RE: La Divinite "LEON"
"Miss Nisii,You have tapped into the Historic Past with your delightful creations. Every bite had it's own triggering censor towards a great family gathering. Friends, If you want to taste "Sweet Love" here is your chance, you won't regret your choice. My Hat's Off to the Chef."
17 December, 2011
"I cut into this wonderful cue'a depua and all I could say is Ooo La La! It was a marriage in my mouth. I see what you mean by LOVE."
~ Dr. Charles Frank Pulliam, Hesperia, CA
14 December, 2010
RE: Le Classique "ERIN" ~and~ L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
"These cakes are like heaven in pastry form :) "
~ Erin Gabrielle Fears, Columbus, OH
1 December, 2010
RE: Le Classique "ERIN" ~ L'Excellence "MICHELLE" ~
"Denise infuses her heart of love into every piece of cake. You are eating more than cake, your taking in love & care. Try it."
~ Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, D.D., Los Angeles, CA,
   Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA
30 November, 2010
I have experienced Denise's cakes on several occasions. To date I have purchased at least 10
cakes from her. My friends "RAVE" about how wonderful these cakes from Heaven are! I have
two military buddies who have deployed to
Afghanistan within the past 14 months. Their
request before they left was for Denise's cakes.
Keep on creating those wonderful cakes. Who
knows the next stop could be on the food channel's
big hit program, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"!
~ Donovan Queen, New York, NY
27 November, 2010
RE: Le Classique "ERIN"
"...The cake was a great hit!!! Everyone loved it... The only thing said was that it was so heavy [rich] that we would all be running the next day because of the luxury (i.e. the butter:).... When I left there were two pieces left of the cake which I am sure have been eaten... Thanks for the wonderful day of luxury..... Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving...."
~ Evelyn M. Toliver, Los Angeles, CA
27 November, 2010
"The best cake Eva!!!! It melted in my mouth, the combination of mandarin oranges and chocolate !!!! To die for !!!! I need 1 once a month"
~ Maisha Ford McCord, Atlanta, GA
25 November, 2010
RE: L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
"YOUR cake was a great hit! I see people ordering more in the near future."
~ Mara Mark, Santa Monica, CA
24 November, 2010
RE: Le Classique "ERIN"
"Denise, Me and several friends had one of the cakes this evening. It was amazing... So many great compliments from my friends. Gave all of your cards out... I must say you made a Rich!! cake....."
~ Evelyn M. Toliver, Los Angeles, CA
26 July, 2010
RE: La Création "MON CHERI"
I recently enjoyed one of Ms. Nisii's creations that had a chocolate topping blended with a hint of chili pepper. The cake was so rich and delicious that a small piece is the recommended "dosage", only risk takers and thrill seekers can handle large slices at one sitting. If you have not tried these delectable delights, I would include this "experience" on your bucket list. Each cake is a work of art and you can taste the love in every bite!
~ Jesse Burnett, Long Beach, CA
2 July, 2010
RE: Le Classique "ERIN"
"The cakes are BETTER than good! It's an experience!"
~ Sione Ayers, Inglewood, CA
16 June, 2010
RE: L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
"OMG. it's the divine GODDESS in a Cake!!!"
~ Susan M. White, Professor of Geography, Davenport, IA
14 June, 2010
"Denise, your cake was a HIT!!!!....here's a quote from my 80 year old godmother on her birthday:
'this is about the tastiest cake to touch these lips in all my eighty years...and these lips have tasted ALOT of good cakes...'
Thanks so much for elevating our celebration."
~ Paul Jerome, Van Nuys, CA
27 May, 2010 @ 5:16pm
"Each cake is dripping with the ♥ love ♥ that they are baked with!!! :-) "
~ Deen Muhhamad, Los Angeles, CA
8 November, 2009
"Denise, your cake was the talk of the evening. You made my Parents' day. Dad had two slices! Thank you so much!"
~ Wayne Smith, Buena Park, CA
8 November, 2009
"Cake - 1DERFUL!..."
~ Sione Ayers, Inglewood, CA
9 October, 2009
Re: Le Supreme "LEMON LIME"
"Hi Denise. "...The cake was very good AND full of flavor!  The presentation of your product was exceptional!  It's a hearty cake..."
 ~ Cynthia Smith, Los Angeles, CA
4 October, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "WHITE COCONUT"
"Denise... The cake was fabulous.  Rave reviews!! I will be in touch..."
~ Mark David Warlick, Pisces Rising Seafood, Compton, CA
30 September, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "WHITE COCONUT" served at Pisces Rising Seafood's Grand Opening at Lucy Florence Cultural Center, Leimert Park, Crenshaw District, Los Angeles CA
"Ah-ha... Kentucky Butter Cake fabulous!!! And coming from a long line of bakers, that really means something. I'll have to share my Monkey Bread with you at Christmas. Thoroughly enjoyed all the Love that was obviously baked into it. An absolute finishing touch after a great meal. Will order for Christmas dinner.
Love you.
~ Dawne Irvin, Los Angeles, CA
29 September, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "WHITE COCONUT" served at Pisces Rising Seafood's Grand Opening at Lucy Florence Cultural Center, Leimert Park, Crenshaw District, Los Angeles CA
"Subject: Cake Delicious
Denise- What you do is masterful! The Kentucky Butter Cake wins in the dessert category. My next cake I will order from you, I can't wait to taste all the varieties of the Kentucky Butter cake you do. Get ready! And it was so good to see you.
~ Pamela Morgan, Los Angeles, CA
14 September, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN" ~and~ L'Excellence "INTENSE ORANGE"
~and~ L'EXCELLENCE "White Coconut"
"Hey Denise,,, now did you think for one minute that your cakes and my food were`nt goona be a hit... We killed them girl!!! thats all i can say.... I kept one OG for the house for friends that may stop by,and of course mi hermano y yo...Thank you sooooo much for your efforts, much appreciated..."
 ~ Danny Grant, Danny Grant Productions, Laytonville, CA
12 September, 2009
Re: Le Luxe "ORANGASM"
"OKAY, I am a true FAN! Sensuous, pretty, highly palatable, enriching, so sweetly satisfying....what (outside of making love) could be finer?
With love, Rev. Nancy Zala"
 ~ Rev. Nancy Zala, Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA
31 August, 2009
Re: Le Luxe "MANDARIN"
"Denise, The cake was great!"
 ~ Vincent Brock, Carson, CA
29 August, 2009
Re: Le Supreme "LEMON LIME"
"Happy Birthday Denise, your cake is going fast!"
 ~ Gary Banks, Manhattan Beach, CA
28 August, 2009
Re: Le Supreme "LEMON LIME"
"Great cake!"
~ Gary Banks, Manhattan Beach, CA
26, August, 2009
RE: Le Classique "ERIN"
" 'Slacker' NOT in Denise's vocabulary. I have only seen her drained of energy once or twice..... after a marathon Kentucky Butter Cake baking session...... oops, don't get me started on how delicious the KBC's are.....ump, ump, ump!!!"
~ Carmen Brown Obasi, Los Angeles, CA
29 July, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"deNIIIIIIISE!!!  OMG!!!! Just got my cake today and it is SCCCCCRUMPTIOUS!!  I'm still munching as I'm writing this.... my daughter said "OHHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD, this is deLICIOUS!!!"  I know now that I've got to order more for the holidays....!!!  I need all my friends to have a cake of their own...so stay tuned, I'll be placing more orders this fall!!!  I'm so impressed with you m'dear!!  Amazing!!!
Thank you so much!!!!
Your new fan,
~ Gentry Akens, Providence, Rhode Island
25 July, 2009
"...I'll have to give the [Le Luxe] Cha Cha Cha a go."
~ Anthony Jackson, Corona, CA
23 July, 2009
"The verdict: Delicious! Seriously rich. My staff and I devoured/loved it. Thanks. Which of them is your favorite or might that be something that's not for sale and you keep strictly for the most special of occasions?"
 ~ Anthony Jackson, Corona, CA
9 July, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"I got a sample of confectionery heaven and it is quite delicious.  Yes, Denise you put your foot in it."
~ Sione Ayers, Inglewood, CA
7 July, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"Ms. Banks,
Hope you like what Danny G did with your cakes. They were great !! And young lady I thank you for making it happen."
~ Danny Grant, Laytonville, CA
5 July, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
God evening Denise:
The family and I enjoyed the cake. It was rich. It was buttery. I will promote you and your cakes. I also noticed that you have a cleaning (Immaculate) service. Tell me more. God continue to bless you real good with all the love you want and all the money you need!
~ Marcus Farrow, Compton, CA
4 July, 2009
AMAZING!!!! The cake is amazing....Thank you..... everyone at my parents 4th party is eating it right now :)
~ Nicole Kollar, Los Angeles, CA
1 July, 2009
"A decadently sensual experience" Are we talking cakes here? Absolutely.  I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing one of Denise's cakes for the first time about two years ago. I am a mama's boy. When younger, my naïveté' ended a few relationships because no one could cook like mama. Biting into Denise's "Blood Orange" creation transported me back in time to my mom's table and eating that 7-UP cake that only she could make with such flair. However, here was this cake that was (dare I say it), better than mom's. I have never known anyone who puts such care into creating an unparalleled and unique experience for each client as Denise.  There is never disappoint in purchasing a cake made by Denise, only satisfaction and an indulgence that lingers long after the first bite.
p3ace and blessings
~ Conney Williams, Downey, CA
26 June, 2009 @ 8:45pm
Re: Le Classique "ERIN" ~AND~ L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
"The first Haute cake I ordered was the Le Classique. I ordered the cake for our 6th wedding anniversary. Honestly, I'd never heard of a Kentucky Butter Cake. But when I took my first bite I was pleasantly overwhelmed with sweet, buttery goodness! The presentation was fitting: sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and accented with fresh orchids. I only wish I'd tried it sooner! After the couple's massage, we topped it off with Kentucky Butter Cake and champagne! Thanks, Nisii for making it a memorable occasion!"
~ Stephanie Whitehead, Long Beach, CA
26 June, 2009 @ 4:30pm
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"This Kentucky Butter Cake is the most scrumptidelicious dessert that has passed my lips!"
~ Jainee Patrice, Interior Design Services, Hollywood, CA
25 June, 2009 @ 8:45pm
"Ok. I can't stop eating the cake :-/
 ~ Melanie Myburgh, ACN Independent Representative, Sherman Oaks, CA
25 June, 2009 @ 4:30pm
"Darling, that is the best cake I have ever had....thank you so much!!!!
~ Melanie Myburgh, ACN Independent Representative, Sherman Oaks, CA
11 June, 2009 @ 9:33pm
"When I tried the cake the first time, I used some profanity as in Damn! best cake I EVER tasted. Took one home to my mom and she was hooked. Rich, moist, delectable, found myself wanting to hold each bite in my mouth a few extra seconds."
~ Coach Darvell Williams, Long Beach, CA
10 June, 2009 @ 11:53AM
"Hope to be able to order lots of these as your journey continues...!
~ Ann Giblin, Winterlake Associates,Los Angeles, CA
10 June, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"These cakes are fabulous! You have to try one to believe the exquisiteness that your palate will enjoy! They are like a little slice of heaven!"
~ Christine Padilla, Los Angeles, CA
9 June, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "WHITE COCONUT"
"I am dreaming of Sweet Miss Nisii's Haute Cake! OMG, this is THE BEST CAKE I have EVER had in my life. Forealz! If you need a cake for any reason, do yourself (and everbody else) a favor and order from Sweet Miss Nisii."
~ Jermaine Jevon, Silverlake, CA
9 June, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
~ Paul Jerome, Van Nuys, CA
9 June, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN"
"I love, love, LOOOOOVE, everything about this endeavor. From its inception to the manifestation of a cake, one can tell that this is a blessing. Thank you for allowing me to share in your love through such declicious confections over the years. Each cake of yours has a personality all it's own that commands attention and respect. Very yummy indeed!"
 ~ Alene Batchelor, Atlanta, GA
8 June, 2009
Re: Le Classique "ERIN" ~and~ L'Excellence "MICHELLE"
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake!! The classique is just the epitome of perfection in cake. I get it every year for my birthday and its truly what makes my special day even more special."
~ Erin Gabrielle Fears, Atlanta, GA
8 June, 2009
Re: L'Excellence "MICHELLE" ~and~ Le Supreme "CHILLI"
"Denise, your cakes are exquisite! No, really...they're the bomb!!! Thank you for allowing me the privilege to see first-hand, the love and care you put into baking your cakes. (tell'm that you really do put 'yo' foot into each cake you bake! c'est delicieux!
Love, Rae"
 ~ Raaata Johnson, A. Christopher Enterprises, Beverly Hills, CA
10 May, 2009
Re: Le Luxe "ORANGASM"
"Dearest Denise,
It was an AMAZING treat...not just for me, but my son, my daughter-in-law, my grandkids, and a few friends we had over.
We were in Palm Springs since Thursday, and I had it for Breakfast every day...with a wonderful cup of coffee. I was a delight to wake up in Palm Springs, made doubly delicious by your cake. ..it was like nothing else I have ever tasted!
Thanks so very much, for your talent, and your patience. Next time, I have a gathering, I’ll have an extraordinary cake to go with.
Thank you again,
All my love, Rev. Nancy"
~ Rev. Nancy Zala, Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA
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